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The forgotten one The forgotten one

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haha, of all the things in the art portal this connected with me the most. Look at that beaten up old hero.

Fracture Fracture

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Co-creator of Batman hates bronies, purged,and TARBOY!

You, sir, do nothing but art!
How have you not been scouted already?
You really should upload more to the art portal xD

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Urban Myth Cover Urban Myth Cover

Rated 5 / 5 stars

As with poisonheart, if this were a real comic, I would totally read it, provided the plot revolves around the cool looking half wire-frame half apparently cyborg dude. I'd totally do anything he tells me to. Just saying.

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Soleil - Crusader of Centy Soleil - Crusader of Centy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What more can be said, Hardtothinkofaname captured my sentiments exactly.
I five stared all your other artistic works, yet somehow I feel that this one should have a special button designed, a 6th star, just so that we may have a way of showing you how truly impressed we all are.

I think you have few voters, because most people believe you deserve more than 5 stars, and I think you have few comments, because after seeing this work most are speechless.

Thank you.

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Foweb responds:

Dude, your words are better than the art itself! Thx!
I'm kinda new here, so let's see how this goes on.
Big fan of egoraptor videos so I went here to see what's going on.

Happy to post things :)
Hope to post some new stuff, some of what I already post is kinda old.

Ven sharing with Pal Ven sharing with Pal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So many people complaining about the forearms and the position of the little girl, who is clearly the 'pal'.

First of all, Ven(that is, the girl in white sharing her sandwich) is very clearly a boy. But not only is Ven a boy, he is a nice fit cross-dresser, he probably exercises daily.
He is kind of hunching a bit forward, you can't puff out your chest and sit straight all day after all!

As for the 'pal', she is just slouching and lowering her shoulders.
She is clearly embarrassed that Ven is sharing his lunch with her, she was probably bullied and had her lunch stolen. Something that Ven has a lot of experience with, him being a fit cross dresser and all. They just met, and she feels bad that he is splitting his lunch with her, but it doesn't matter, these two will become inseparable, I can already see the crazy antics they will get into!

The people complaining about pal's posture and Ven's forearms are most likely made of wood, and have only ever sat completely straight in their lives. This is what school does to you people!

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KilledBuzz responds:

This comment is wonderful.

Just wonderful. It's really great to see what different folks see in this drawing and I'm glad you took the time to share your thoughts!

Inbound train Inbound train

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I am nothing
But at train and
I assume that you donâEUTMt like me

IâEUTMm insane but
Not yet crazy
I will never let you go
Enjoy the ride youâEUTMll stay with me
Stay with me
IâEUTMll stay with you

No one really knows the pain IâEUTMm going through
My final ride is almost done
The world has moved on now itâEUTMs time to go
My final ride is almost done

Come lift my spirit up, IâEUTMm Blaine!

I am the one
The godlike terror train
The superior, artificial brain
Feel free to call me Blaine

I will roll on
Riddle de-dum, IâEUTMm best
Try me, try me!
IâEUTMll never fail that test
BlueâEUTMs for girls and
PinkâEUTMs for me
IâEUTMm the mono
DonâEUTMt even dare to mess with me

Sorry I had to... I couldn't think of anything but a maddened train, and what better example than Blaine the Mono.
As was said before, I truly expected something quite different from the thumbnail, so this was quite a pleasant surprise.

I wonder if it would be possible for you to gift us with a higher resolution?
This would allow us to look at details more closely.

I am particularly interested in 2 things.

1. The way that the background seems to be desolated. A destroyed, abandoned, ghost town. I would enjoy a closer look.
2. The lone girl, armored in Victorian outwear, casually reading the news. As if their is nothing wrong with this clearly horrid setting.

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AssKiller responds:

haha best comment ever ! Love it !
As for the high res version i don't have one :( I worked on a small file from start to finish on this one :( !

Kitty boy Kitty boy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh my god yes! Picture him nake...!!!
I mean!

Very nice, the proportion of legs-to-body is just off.
Children's torso and head should be about 2:1 to legs, I've measured. I MEAN1! I've read in books.

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