Starstuff nearing the end of development!

2016-04-15 16:56:20 by Druidtton


We're exited to announce that Starstuff | Stellar Evolution Simulator is nearing completion of its beta version and is scheduled for release. To celebrate, we've decided to publish a very special little demo of an incredibly early version of the game that we used as a proof of concept for Starstuff. You can try it right here:

Of course that early version is nothing compared to the actual 3D version of Starstuff, a demo of which is now available for supporters on

Now, you can wait until the game is released, and depending on our final funding the full game could be released right here on Newgrounds, but if you support us on patreon, even with less than $1, you'll get full early access to every single build of the game fresh off our developer's computer.


So there's several development videos and teaser trailers of our game on youtube, but the one I like showing off is this early test of the game's VR cam. You should watch it on a mobile device if you can.



Needless to say, we can't wait to have the full game out, but we can't do it without your support! So please! Like us on facebook, share us on twitter, and if you're capable then support us on patreon so that we can continue bringing Starstuff to Newgrounds!

My development studio Scoria Games has challenged all of our artist and developers to create one game per month and release them all for free here on Newgrounds!

Beginning this month we'll create an awesome game and one more every month thereafter if you help us reach our minimum goal of $200 per game on our page.

The money will be used to compensate our artist and developers as well as pay for necesary licensing fees.

But just free games isn't all you'll get! Depending on the streach goals we reach we'll release the game on all mayor platforms and we'll release all of our original content and source files royalty free for use under a (CC BY 4.0) license so any up and coming developer can use them too!


Game of this month!


PreviewExplore your very own procedurally generated 2D universe. Find the stuff of life and nurture it to create space-faring societies! Play as a benevolent god, or be a watchful observer. Help the life inhabiting your universe to progress through space before it destroys itself. The explosive birth of a star to the explosive death of a thousand civilizations, all on the palm of your hand.

Early development demo available to NG Supporters and our Patreon patrons.



Game for the next month!

Persevere: Episode 1

Persevere: Episode 1 is the first part of our upcoming 4 part video-game series to be released here on newgrounds this year! Persevere follows the story of a fallen angel who finds himself on Earth where he is dropped, with no explanation, right in the middle of an armed conflict between two groups who are fighting for the control of a huge city near the ancient forest of Luxven. Having no idea what he's meant to do the newly 'fallen' angel decides he will put an end to the human conflict before they destroy the ancient and sacred forest of Luxven.

Early proof of concept demo available to NG Supporters and our Patreon patrons. to help for news

Thank-you for your support!